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A private operating foundation since 2007, Second Family Foundation, operates in Orange County, North Carolina communities. The Second Family Programs were developed by the Second Family Foundation in conjunction with the UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work. Initially focused on the teenage foster care population, SFF works with teens who are experiencing risky situations.

”To whom much is given much is expected.”

With the commitment to “first, do no harm”, Second Family’s goal is to improve the lives of youth by providing resources so these youths will have the best chance to develop to their full potential mentally, physically and spiritually, the tenets of SFF. The Second Family Foundation’s research review and efforts have led to the development of its programs.


2007     Entered into Memo of Understanding with OCDSS

             Hired Program Director – Holly Kunkel

             Began work with 2 youth!

2008     Two more youth, now at four (then adding 2 each year)

              UNC SSW Jordan Institute Report concluded

2012     Paused adding new youth in order to conduct research

             Now connected with ten youth in original SFF Program

2013     Mike Fliss concludes Research Project (NCDSS)A New View of Foster Care…

              Hired first Driver through SFF/OCDSS partnership

2014      Blair Nell concludes Orange County Foster Care Focus Group Project & Report

2015      SFFit program starts!

              Quincy Ellzey concludes Research Papers I &II

2016     SFWorks program starts!

             Hired more Drivers/Job Coaches

2017     Recruiting more youth, Job Coaches/Drivers & employers for program expansions

              Hired Program Manager – Katelyn Ehle

              Established partnership with Wheels4Hope

2018     Continuing to recruit youth that flow into the SFDrive program (whole person/SFF tenets)

Seeking A True Second Family

True Second Family For those youth that demonstrate an interest and effort in the programs, the foundation offers a number of other services designed to give young adults opportunities to succeed later in life including assistance in job placement and financial assistance through college all with the expectation that the youth will “pay it forward.” Support continues after high school with Second Family supporting the youth’s chosen “next educational step”.

Pay It Forward

Second Family believes that a youth’s main job is self-development, and that one should be working on personal intellectual, physical, and spiritual development weekly, 7 Tenets of SFF. When youth are working on their self-development, this is considered giving back. As with the ‘pay it forward’ concept, our hope is that later in life, these youth will reflect on their experiences with Second Family and extend a similar helping hand to youth in need.

SFF 7 Tenets

No Lying, Cheating or Stealing; Bettering One’s Mind, Body & Spirit; and Making Life Better for Others


(t) 919.967.9823 Holly Kunkel, Executive Director hkunkel@secondfamilyfoundation.org

104 S. Estes Drive, Suite 203 Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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