What is Second Family Foundation?

Second Family Foundation (SFF) is a program serving individuals age 14 – 25+ in or around Orange County, North Carolina, who are facing or have faced challenges associated with foster care. SFF is comprised of 2 programs- SFWorks & SFEmerge. SFWorks includes support with employment (through transportation & job-coaching), academic & saving incentives, traveling, & individual/group events. SFEmerge serves older individuals focusing on education and independent life skills used in young adulthood. Both SFWorks & SFEmerge are for individuals who want to/will follow the 7 tenets of SFF while putting efforts toward continued self-development.

SFF 7 Tenets

We do not lie, cheat, or steal.

We work to better our minds, bodies, and spirits.

We make life better for others.

Pay It Forward

At SFF, we believe that personal growth is paramount. When individuals are focused on self-development, this is considered giving back. As with the “pay it forward” concept, our hope is that these young people will reflect on their experiences with SFF and, in the future, offer support to others facing challenges.


True Second Family


Who is SFF?

Holly Kunkel Ainsley, Executive Director                                                                                  hkunkel@secondfamilyfoundation.org

Holly has been with SFF since its inception in 2007. Her favorite food is nachos. She enjoys running and also likes a good game of tennis or doing some cleans in the gym. Holly’s first job was working at a hometown local hardware store.


Vickie Fornville, Lead SFF Technician                                                                       

Vickie started with SFF in 2019. Her favorite food is anything out of the water and her favorite workout is dancing. Vickie’s first job was at McDonald’s. She began her North Carolina civil service career at the age of 16 and is now retired.



Shiala Baldwin, SFF Technician 

Shiala joined SFF in 2021. Her favorite comfort food is Chinese and she loves shoes, UNC basketball, and woodworking. Shiala’s first job was at Sports Endeavors. Shiala’s career has been focused on giving back to her community.






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