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The Concept

The Second Family Fit (SFFit) program challenges middle school students to set and achieve fitness goals through exercise. Youth work out in small groups twice per week with trainers and are faced with the continual choice whether to quit or persevere to achieve their fitness goals. During SFFit sessions the youth also set goals in other aspects of their lives including nutrition, school, and relationships where the same ongoing choice whether to quit or preserve is faced. On days not in the gym, they are given “homework” to keep exercising and work on achieving their additional goals.

By working with a physical trainer on a regular basis youth are able to safely and effectively build muscle and develop cardiovascular endurance. Over time the work done in the gym becomes visible evidence that grit has rewards. Hard work pays off! Each workout session begins with a group discussion on grit and is followed by a 45-60 minute workout session. After each workout the youth break into small groups and meet with their coach to set and later review the progress on their goals and plan for the next session. The trainer and youth focus on goals that are challenging but achievable both in and outside of the gym.

Goals in SFFit are intended to continually drive a youth forward to accomplish more than they did the session before. When a youth meets their goals, meaning their effort produced something they want, there is a huge reason to celebrate and WE DO! For the youth who continue to develop these goals, which evolve from simple fitness goals to sporting accomplishments such as learning the skills to make an athletic team.

What to expect: Getting Results!

Each youth is paired with a physical trainer based on gender and common interests. Over a semester youth have demonstrated significant weight loss and muscle gain.

How To Apply & Join

SFFit is a school based program. CrossFit Level I trainers lead the twice-weekly (Mondays/Wednesdays), one and half hour small group workouts.

Participation in SFFit is well-suited for youth who:

  • …want to exercise and challenge themselves!
  • …are willing to dedicate some of their free time each week to go to the gym.
  • …are ready to set goals and to work hard to achieve them.
  • …are willing to keep going even when they feel like quitting and to finish what they start.

Steps to Apply:

  • Partnering school personnel nominate youth who are interested and whom they think are a good fit.
  • Nominees submit application packets, including caregiver consents, to SFF via their school nominator.
  • SFF staff interviews the nominees at school and notifies them whether they’ve been accepted.
  • Twice-weekly attendance to all SFFit sessions is mandatory.
  • Transportation to the gym and home is provided.

Equipment, & Schedule:  

  • Youth need to wear appropriate gym attire and shoes; SFFit supplies all the other equipment.
  • Youth go to the gym twice a week for a semester of school. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Sessions include:
    • Grit discussion;
    • Rigorous fitness workout;
    • Goals assessment;
    • Discussion and planning for offsite workouts and goal tracking.



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